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    The heat is on


    Sales are sizzling in the sunshine, but the heat is on as Budgens retailer David Knight has some tough decisions to make.

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    Up and running


    Since Budgens retailer David Knight opened his second store, customer reaction and sales have been very encouraging.

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    New year, new store


    Budgens retailer David Knight has purchased a new 6,000sq ft store a few miles from his award-winning Hassocks store.

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    Breaking bad


    David Knight’s decision to upgrade his building security prevented a gang from breaking into his Hassocks store. But he was not prepared for the lack of police support.

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    Working holiday


    While Hassocks took its holidays, it was back to school for Budgens retailer David Knight who undertook a comprehensive review of his business.

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    Silly season


    Contemplating two seasons in one day can be a challenge for retailers, says Budgens retailer David Knight.

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    Point of difference


    As the maket matures, we all need to understand what makes us different in order to survive, says Budgens retailer David Knight.

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    Seasonal sales


    Sussex Budgens retailer David Knight has been working harder to capitalise on events in the 2013 calendar.

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    Let it snow


    “All we need is snow to help things along” was Budgens retailer David Knight’s most quoted phrase…and then it came.

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    Planning for Christmas


    At this point you realise that all the Christmas planning in the world will not give that magical answer, says Budgens retailer David Knight.